Tremadog – the stars are here!

:star: Oh My God, the new Tremadog guidebook is here! :star:

I’m the only person in the world who can turn up at Tremadog and go climbing with coloured stars in my pocket! 🙂

It won’t last very long, the main shipment is on a lorry somewhere between the printers and Cordee’s warehouse as I type.

I have an advance copy of the new CC Tremadog guidebook in my hands … it looks pretty damn good (I guess I would say that). I reckon a lot of people will be getting one of these beauties in their Xmas stockings this year, if not way before – like next week! – to take advantage of the awesome Indian summer we are due…

I just wanted to share my excitement and let ya know … it’s here!!!

Series - Tremadog

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  7. Tremadog – the stars are here!
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