OMM Training, the story so far…

Not much to say really, but I have been getting out and about recently in a desperate attempt to not be extremely rubbish come October 30th. So far, it’s not working – I’m now just tired and extremely rubbish!

In addition to the usual Blencathra’s and road runs, I managed a couple of longer runs last week. Three and a half hours or so ’round the Haweswater Horseshoe, and four hours or so High Row/Helvellyn/Glencoyne. All sounds good, but it doesn’t even add up to Day 1 yet.

No pics either I’m afraid, having temporarily misplaced my camera. ‘Tis relocated though, so hopefully get some nice shots of bog over the next few weeks…

To summarise – I must do more, for longer, with more ascent, and over worse terrain.

In conclusion – oh dear.

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