WordPress Post Grouping Plugin

This plug-in provides a simple, transparent, and automatic way to group a number of posts on your blog. For example, you might want to group a set of posts in to a series of articles about a given topic across WordPress’s default categories or tags.

I’ve written quite a few WordPress plug-ins, check out these other WordPress plug-ins here. Many of these are quite popular, and free! There’s a super-small fee (just £2.50) for this plug-in. For that, you’ll get the plug-in of course, but you’ll also get the support you need to set the plug-in up on your standard WordPress self-hosted blog.

The small fee does not allow for any customisation of the plug-in, extra features, resolution of clashes with other WordPress plug-ins or themes, etc. So, let me know if you want those and we can talk about what to do. It does include bona fide bug fixes though; find something wrong with the plug-in, or it simply won’t work for you, and I’ll either fix it, or in a few cases (for example, where a non-standard WordPress installation stops it working) I’ll give you your money back. Can’t be fairer than that.

Post Grouping Plugin

[SKU23490] £2.50 (Shipping £0.00)

Approximately one hour after payment your plugin will be emailed as a compressed ZIP to you PayPal payment address.


  • Click on the Buy Now button above and buy the plug-in via PayPal. Then be patient, PayPal will e-mail me and I will get straight back to you with a download link and simple instructions…
  • Those instructions will describe how to put the plug-in into your WordPress plug-in directory and activate it.
  • Next, you’ll go to your Settings » Series page and configure the plugin. There are only two options to set; turn automatic inclusion of the series of posts on (check inject series list?) and choose a label/heading (there are optional before and after fields for the label). Example setup options are below…
  • That’s it, you’re up and running. The post editing page now has a new Post Series Box (example shown below), use this to group posts. You can create new groups by clicking the + Add New Series. You can manage groups using Posts » Series from the administration menu.
  • Optional. If you want to show a link to posts in a group you may want to consider inserting code like that shown below in your theme’s template files (index.php and/or single.php for instance).

  global $post; // Make sure the global $post is available if not already.
  if(function_exists('the_series_link')) {
    the_series_link($post->ID, 'Series: ');
    // Parameters are:
    // 1. the post ID, and
    // 2. content to appear before the link to the group.

Post Series Box
Example Options

Version History:

  • 1.0 – Initial release.
  • 2.0 – Update for WordPress 3.1
  • 2.1 – Update for NONCE in WP 3.1
  • 2.2 – Fix for filtering the content, now only on single pages.
  • 2.3 – Fix for series submenu capability.

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