Autumnal Cragging

Laetitia was tired from her week of being assessed; that’s my excuse for a weekend of fun but modest rock climbing. However, it was wonderful to be out enjoying the warm autumn sunshine…

Warton Quarry
Despite the warm sunshine there was strong wind on Saturday morning so we stayed low and well away from high Lakeland mountain crags, opting for a local favourite – Warton Quarry.

At times worryingly loose rock but with really nice moves at Warton Quarry

After a couple of routes I was feeling quite tired – I’m pretty sure I’d been holding on too tightly being slightly on edge and scared of the loose rock.

On the descent from the route in the picture above we passed through a grove of hazel trees, there were hundreds of hazel nuts on the ground. We collected a few dozen to see if we can get them to germinate in our garden…

Gowbarrow Crag
Sunday was another wonderful autumnal day with thousands of dry brown leaves blowing around. We chose Gowbarrow near Ullswater for some gentle rock climbing fun.

Laetitia coiling the rope at the top of a route at Gowbarrow Crag, Ullswater

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