It’s a bit nice out…

…so I went for a wee jogette.

The original plan was Blencathra (surprise, surprise!), Skiddaw, Great Calva, Blencathra again, finishing via Bannerdale Crags, with the option of Souther Fell, just to make it a bit longer for a giggle.

This plan was scuppered at several points (navigation not being one of them before you suggest it Grim!) as follows:

I got the car stuck – by parking it juuuust a little bit too far forward. Much faffing, embarassment, and annoyance, and having to arrange to be back in time to meet a friend with a tow rope.
Not eating enough for breakfast and going too fast (relatively of course – I’m still painfully slow and useless) on the first up, resulting in heavy legs waaaay too early.
Over-estimating by a significant margin just how much cooler I’d feel under the non-existant cloud cover! I love running when dehydrated – it’s soooo much more efficient.

I got down to Glenderaterra Beck, between Big B and Skiddaw, which was an interesting experience for my quads, had a drink, and a think. I wondered why I’d put cheese in my sandwiches, which I know I can’t eat when out running, and why the bread was so dry. I ate the ham and the rest got chucked. It was all turning into a bit of a bad idea, but there was no way I could bail completely, so I drank as much as I could stand, turned ’round, and wandered back up Big B.

Blease Fell. Great for skiing down I’m sure. Very dull to stagger up. After several days, I arrived again above Knowe Crags, forced myself into a pathetic ‘run’ along the ridge (well, there were lots of folk out you see so I had too – what would they think?) and then dropped down and ’round to Bannerdale. Finally, a short section that didn’t hurt…

All in all, three hours out, which is better than nothing, and plenty of straight up/straight down leg muscle building, so it wasn’t a complete disaster. I can always have another go on Friday.

Oh, and it was a bit nice out too!

Looks like rain again

3 thoughts on “It’s a bit nice out…”

  1. Yeah, it has been an amazing day hasn’t it! One has to think back to the hosepipe-ban-inducing-drought of April and May to remember weather this nice, dry, and warm. :good: Shame I spent the whole day sat in front of a computer working! 🙁 Same weather is forecast tomorrow, but so is work… :angry:

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