The Derwentwater 10

Today the weather played fair with sun and blue skies for the Derwent Water 10, a clockwise circuit of Derwent Water. As usual there was a huge turnout, with 500+ competitors, and most of them were sporting club vests (all looking like serious runners). Once again, the support team (me) was critical, not only to hold coats and water before the start, but also to scope out a coffee shop for after the race.
The race started outside Brysons on Main Street, and brought the town to a halt. One or two pedestrians were nearly swept along with the runners and would have found themselves doing a little more exercise than they were ready for.

Derwent water 10 Start.... Anna's there somewhere

Aswell as Anna, Sarah, Jo, Karl and Dave had entered, and all managed good times with Sarah leading the group in with a time of about 1:12.

Sarah storms past another runner up the finishing straight
Anna looking far too comfortable!!!
Karl and Dave come in together
Dave, Jo, Sarah, Anna and Karl

The men’s winner did a time of about 52 minutes and the ladies winner broke the record with a time of about 55:30. With this in mind we retired to a coffee shop to begin bulking up for next year…………….

Yum! Good training food (to be eaten 3 times a day)

9 thoughts on “The Derwentwater 10”

  1. Great day for it – well done all. That cake looks good, but I’m too fat and weak to be allowed any 🙁

    Team training today, but I had a very pleasant bouldering session in the sunshine at Craig Y Longridge yesterday (and forgot my camera as usual, so piggy backing on this report – hope you don’t mind Grim?!)

  2. Hurrah, made it round with only half a dozen paroxysms of coughing. Strangely, once I stopped running, I couldn’t stop coughing. The coffee-shop owner looked quite concerned, but maybe that was because she thought I’d frighten off all her other customers with the threat of germs?

  3. I really like the first pic – not only colourful, but real action too. The chap on the right with the lime green runners looks as if he’s headed across the front of the rest!

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