Prizewinning photographs

I went fellwalking with the usual suspects today. From Watendlath, south along the ridge to the Grasmere end, turning back north at Greenup Edge and going down past Lining Crag.

Lining Crag. Not fit for climbing today.

The terrain on top was extremely boggy with meltwater from the thawed snow and ice, and the pools of water were extremely cold as I can testify from having got a bootful.

The views were not the best, but OK. So, how about the photos? Towards the end of the day I realised that Someone Who Shall Be Nameless had left my camera on “fireworks” mode, so that all my previous photos looked like this:

There were no fireworks on the fells

Only the last event of the day was immortalised for dissemination on the worldwide web:

Naked in November - brrrrrr!

Afterwards, beer in the Scafell Hotel at Rosthwaite went down well – I haven’t had Old Peculier for ages.

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