Feel alive outside…

Well that’s what the tag line says.

In a fit of bravado last Friday, I signed up for a free trial session with British Military Fitness. Not being sure what to expect, I spent most of today trying to think of a valid excuse not to turn up. Having a little snivel and being a bit sneezey just wasn’t enough, so I got my running kit on and made my way to the Meadows here in Edinburgh.

I’d never heard of British Military Fitness before, but they seem to be pretty popular. There must have been about 60 people there tonight, with well over 50% being girls.

They have three levels: Blue for an easy-ish time; red for the fitter; green for the even fitter. Being my first session, I was put into the blue team.

We spent an hour of running, push ups, sit ups and much more, working on all sorts of arm and leg muscles. It was a good mixture of exercise. I was pleased that I wasn’t too challenged during the session, so I might try for the red team next time.
It’s all outside, so I was prepared to get very muddy, not quite prepared for the worms. Hands down in the mud gave me a massive attack of screaming barfies, but the moon was out and it wasn’t raining. I’m not so sure my enthusiasm would be so great if it had been raining, and I’m not sure how it’s going to work out when it snows.

Anyway, I think I might sign up for it. Seems expensive, when exercise outdoors is free, but it will give me the motivation to get out of this hotel room at night, so it’s gotta be good.

Although I didn’t think I was being challenged, I am getting a bit stiff now. I’m signed up for Yoga tomorrow lunch time – hope I can do the stretches.

One thought on “Feel alive outside…”

  1. Hey, you’re doing really well getting involved – it is too easy to veg in the hotel at night. (Though I learned to play squash during one prolonged stay in Nottinghham, I did not even need to leave the hotel to do this.)
    What about trying waterproof gloves. You could wear those free plastic gloves you get at petrol stations over fleecy ones.

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