Cockermouth Santa Dash

Santa Dashes are short runs – this one about 3.5 km – held to raise funds for local hospices. I was going to enter the Cockermouth one, but the lacklustre response to my request for sponsorship (you know who you are) made me unwilling to make a fool of myself. Fortunately, 250 other people remained motivated. Or should I say, 249 other people? Because I heard a small child being informed that, in fact, one of the dashers was the Real Santa.

Spot the real Santa
Some of the many Santas gather for their Dash

Ian’s chickens did not enter but the Santas were accompanied by a Turkey:

This turkey appears to have been stuffed already

I was a volunteer marshal, but some of my friends deserve immortality for their efforts. So here are:

Jo and friends (Jo is the one in the beard)
Andrea and Catrina

Word is that £10,000 was raised for Eden Valley Hospice this morning 🙂

It was extremely cold and I am glad to say that in Cockermouth even the trees are cared for:

A tree wearing a hand-knitted jumper

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