Birthday Blog from the Costa Baltic……

Yes, it’s still the Costa Baltic: yesterday, Monday, it rained all day so apart from a drive up the coast towards Gandia not a lot was achieved (we did learn however, the young ladies standing by the side of the road were actually selling their ‘charms’; I thought they were waiting for a bus)…..!

Today dawned overcast but at least it had stopped raining; unsure how long our luck would hold on the weather front we headed for Altea as the climbing was only 30 seconds from the car. Our plans were soon thwarted however, due to extensive building in the area, access was next to impossible, undeterred we changed tack and ended up at Toix West. A good days cragging was had in the end until around 3.30pm when we noticed Benidorm had vanished from view (this can only be a good thing in my book) a few minutes later we were forced from the crag; the rain had finally caught up with us, this gave us the perfect excuse to retreat to Calpe for a birthday beer or two……….

Yes, Paul did drink all the beer; honest.......
Where does this bloody route go; and what's all this blue stuff in this Rockfax topo, I've not seen any blue sky in Spain for days.........!
Keith 'The Godfather' Sanders on the first pitch of 'Espolon Limaban'
Pete on the first pitch of 'Dedi - UBSA'
.... and Pete again following the Barnsley Beast (aka Paul Hallos) on the first pitch of 'Carlos' and to the left Richard starting up the first pitch of 'Posi
Richard again; on the finishing moves of 'Posi' (it should be noted that today was my 49th birthday so I have only 12 months left before old age and decrepitude start to take hold)...!
Birthday bonus - apple pie and ice cream courtesy of a nice Geordie cafe owner in Calpe
A last minute Birthday cake........

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8 thoughts on “Birthday Blog from the Costa Baltic……”

  1. Hey Boys,

    You’ve picked the wrong time for Costs Blanca by the sounds of it. Ogwen is presently like somebody’s fridge, and getting fatter by the day. Just look at this piccy of Idwal Slabs the other day!!

    I’m hoping for some good stuff at the forthcoming Helyg Meet this weekend. Who knows, we may do an Ogwen grade III (aka Canadian Grade 5 – joke for Paul & Keith, rest too young).

    Sounds like you’ve met Deano & Anne – give them mine and Ernie’s regards – that’s our local bar! He has a website too – featuring me on El Drak!!

  2. Looks like you’re all still having an ace time despite the weather, and your accommodation looks lovely – yes, Paul does look very relaxed as he reviews his beer consumption.
    Hope the birthday was good and you got lots of presents!!!!
    Missing Pete of course… 😛
    There’s too much snow here in Scotland for climbing – ice and rock – people are skiing in the streets of Edinburgh. :star: :star: :star:

  3. Hello Tish, No I’m well back from Spain now – we got the good weather 😛

    There is ice climbing to be had south of Scotland, but only the likes of me, Paul and Keith will appreciate the possibilities and subtleties of Ogwen ice climbing :freeze: Despite full car parks, and even parking on the road, I still found a climb the other day on which I was the only person 😯

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