Hen Hospital

Blackie’s bad leg made her come last in the race for the feed, and she has lost a lot of weight in a few days. It takes a great deal of energy to keep warm in this sub-zero weather even if you do have feathers, so that hasn’t been in her favour either.

So the Hen Hospital has been set up in the bathroom: warm, and with unchallenged access to a food bowl.

The bowl that apperently contains dog wee is actually contains water with Poultry Tonic additive. She is already looking perkier 🙂

The bathroom has an unusual aroma but fortunately not strong enough to be unpleasant. I don’t know what she thinks of the shower but she hasn’t tried to join me yet.

15 thoughts on “Hen Hospital”

    1. I wish I knew. If she is not right by the time I go skiing she is just going to have to take her chances. After her special rations I put her out with the others today as it was sunny: if the hens are apart too long they have resocialisation issues. Apparently.

  1. She is looking a lot perkier, and just the warmth will give her time to recover. I think her injury might be pulled tendons ( from the fat duck running into her, no doubt. Now there’s a candidate for Christmas dinner if ever I saw one!! :yum: :yum: )
    Well done Anna, in the Hen Hospital!!!
    PS has Andromeda seen her in the house yet???

  2. Hope you have more luck than we did with Sarah’s chicken “Dini” while she’s away in NZ. We followed your example and she moved into our kitchen on Friday as she has been very sick and not eating for days. We even had to give her water with a ladle or she wouldn’t drink. Unfortunately she gave up on Sunday night and took a trip to chicken heaven. However there is a new chicken in town now thanks to farmer John. Don’t worry we aren’t going to pretend that its the same chicken when Sarah comes home. Although, as farmer john pointed out, it could have perished and come back as an ex battery hen!

    1. Andy told me about your bereavement 🙁 Any idea what the problem was? Sick rather than injury I guess. I have moved Scrappy in as company. She is so cute and squeaks a lot, quite a contrast to Blackie’s squawking.
      I am now signed up on the Backyardchickens.com website for advice and help with my responsibilities!!!!

  3. I don’t know why all this talk of sickly chickens is making me laugh. It is very sad for Dini, of course, but the saga of chicken hosipital is making me giggle – sorry.
    Can we have another picture of Scrappy?
    Will the chickens being indoors prompt them to lay again?

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