Tarn Hows

After a lovely meal at the Eagle & Child on Saturday evening (accompanied by not too few beers!) Sunday morning was slow to start… That added with the fact that Fiona has a poorly ankle from a fall whilst out running recently meant a gentle day was required to help clear our heads. We chose the delightful Tarn Hows as we knew there would be amazing wintry views plus the level-ish path would allow Fiona to come out for a bumble without too much risk of pain.

The Langdale Pikes and the Kentmere Horseshoe seen from Tarn Hows
(Helvellyn is behind the small hill in the centre foreground)
Low winter sun at Tarn Hows
Fiona, Dave, and Laetitia huddle for warmth, and a photo.

It would have been amazing ice climbing weather in the Lakes, check out the frozen water!

Tarn Hows frozen solid!
Risking it all, Fiona, Pete, and Dave pose for a photo standing on the ice!
Will it break? Lets hope Ian's ice-breaker isn't nearby!

There’s a permanent orienteering course at Tarn Hows, not a very challenging one but certainly a little bit of extra fun added to the pleasant walk round the tarns! 😀

A team (Laetitia, Dave, and Fiona) conference to decide which of the marker posts is the correct one!

As we progressed along the trail and ticked off the orienteering markers we spotted Aslan watching our progress.

We finished the course with a picnic at the highest point of Tarn Hows

And for a proper end to a Sterling Adventure, a cake (OK, a crumpet) and a cup of tea. After that it was time for home; not such a big deal for us, but I felt for Dave and Fiona who faced the mega-long drag back to Buckinghamshire!

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  1. Lovely mug!!! :star: Do you think I could manage to get hold of one somehow? A perfect gift idea for a person who has a dog named Bilbo looking like someone has spilt coffee all over him. And the person is a rock climber, too!!

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