Christmassy (downunder) food

We took a stroll around Cannock Chase today in search of a pretty winter wonderland; we were not disappointed. There was about 2.5 cm of snow, lots of ice crystals on the vegetation and some pretty robins, tits and wagtails.

Snowy Cannock woodlands
Frosty grass on Cannock Chase
Sherbrook Valley
Cannock's pretty bird life

When we arrived home, Richard insisted that he wanted a proper New Zealand Christmas meal, so he donned his shorts, thermal tights and Hawaiian shirt (or closest to it anyway) and set about barbecuing sausages, salmon, courgette, mushrooms and peppers. And, delicious they were too!

NZ BBQ on the patio, in the snow
What's cooking?

Thankfully he allowed us to eat indoors.

We retreated indoors to consume.

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Christmassy (downunder) food”

  1. Well done – bbq in the freezing cold.
    And even bigger well done for the crazy shorts and Hawaiian New Zealand shirt!! 😯 😯

    My fingers froze on the garden shed lock today brrrr! :freeze: :freeze: Not a good day to be out in the garden.

    1. We had fine wine whilst preparing the BBQ; I think it was from New Zealand too! We finished the bottle before reaching the main course though, so had to opt for squash!

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