The Ice Axe on the Hill Top by Mr Peacock?

At breakfast this morning, Mr Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet found the grizzled remains of the savaged Christmas cake on the kitchen floor. This was obviously not going to be an open and shut case…

Suspicion first fell on Reverend Green (aka Ian Grimshaw) until Miss Scarlet pointed out that he was away with the penguins. Mr Peacock had a hunch it could have been Mrs White (aka Anna Blackburn) although it was quickly pointed out that she was preoccupied fattening the aforementioned Rev. Green’s chickens ready for feasting! Professor Plumb (aka Paul Hallos) was next to face scrutiny, but the rumour was that he wouldn’t have left even a crumb of such a scrumptious cake. Therefore the suspects had been whittled down to Mr Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Miss Scarlet…

Some blue sky thinking was required to solve the case; the Helvellyn horseshoe was suggested (although blue sky was in extremely short supply). The intrepid sleuths bravely fought the elements overcoming a landslide on the Kirkstone Pass, fog, snow, ice, strong winds (not of the brussels variety), vertiginous precipices, and tourists! At the summit shelter they found another clue; more cake … in Mr Peacock’s rucksack! Once back home two & two were quickly added, when Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet realised that RW (aka Mr Peacock, aka “the human dustbin”) had stayed the previous evening. True to all the best detective shows Mr Peacock confessed all and volunteered to make amends by buying a round to kick off the New Year celebrations…

2 thoughts on “The Ice Axe on the Hill Top by Mr Peacock?”

  1. Blimey Laetitia – I couldn’t decide whether you ought to get out more or you’d had too many bevvies – but then I saw you had been out. Well done; I predict 2 more sofa days for me in this miserable weather…. 🙁

  2. Actually, we had had one too many bevies – hic!

    The feasting eventually caught up with me and I had to leave the pub early. A quiet night in front of the TV was required watching the London fireworks (not so quiet).

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