We decided some tough mountain biking was required to blow away the cobwebs in preparation for the return to work.

We chose the destination that caused such pain and tears a mere 13 months ago – Borrowdale, but this time we were determined to get back to the car before dark!

The route starts near Hucks Bridge on the A6 and heads east down Borrowdale. We then ascended Belt Howe and headed on down to Roundthwaite. There are some lovely properties there, shame the M6 is so close.

The track was still icy in places, which created a few dramatic skids, and there were patches of snow, but the toughest bit was the frozen tufts of grass where the track wasn’t well worn.

Laetitia crossing a patch of snow - was it exciting, fun, or scary?
Who knows, the expression could be all!
Pushing the bike across endless giant grass tufts!
But what are those dots on the horizon behind?

A few miles on the road takes us to Midwath Stead, then a short track and it’s time for more off road along Bretherdale.

A6, now that can't be hard to find.

The final bit of the route was very tough, and was mostly done on foot, as we pushed the bikes over the frozen tufts. The bridleway disappeared towards the end of the trail, but fortunately the sounds of the occasional car confirmed we were still heading in the right direction.

It was all hard work, but we had the whole route to ourselves, apart from from a group of stags, and we had some excellent views.

The dots on the horizon ... a group of stags!

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