Fellwalkers’ Annual Dinner

As usual this event was held at the Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket, preceded by a walk up some of the nearby Northern Fells.

The previous few days had been thick with freezing fog and nil visibility (though apparently there were great cloud inversions for those of us who could get out from work to see them), but today the cloud lifted.

Views from High Pike:

View from High Pike
View from High Pike

From High Pike one usually continues to Carrock Fell, and today was no exception:

Carrock Fell cairn

At this point we actually got some sunshine though it was pretty chilly on the tops.

View from the Bronze Age hill fort on Carrock Fell:

From the Bronze Age hillfort on Carrock Fell
Arthur, Sabiene and Anna on the summit of Carrock Fell

That evening, good food included blueberry trifle – which I ate before my camera had the chance to capture a picture – and chocolate pot:

Are those carrot shavings on top?

3 thoughts on “Fellwalkers’ Annual Dinner”

  1. Wow, checkout the blue sky.
    Ah yes, I remember, we had some of that in Saturday, soon to be replaced by the usual grey damp stuff.
    Looks like a great day out, and the fells to yourselves.

    The chocolate pot (with orange shavings, Pete) looks very yummy, but not nearly big enough. :yum:

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