To Longsleddale and back

We went for a bike ride on Sunday.

We’ve done this route before and it’s one we enjoy as it takes in Kentmere and Longsleddale. A fairly easy start, you leave Staveley along the back road heading toward Burneside. The a left turn and an up hill plod along Potter Fell Road and then down to Garnett Bridge.

Garnett Bridge

After the initial warm up along the road, we start the off road section. The bridle way winds its way north up the Longsleddale valley, passing through, or diverting round the various farms along the way: Nether House Farm, Bridge End, Docker Nook, Wad’s Howe, Hollin Root, Well Foot, Underhill House, Hill Cottage, Toms’ Howe and Tills’ Hole. Again, not so hard, more cross country than mountain biking, but the damp conditions meant a slippery trail.

Bridleway Signs

At Till’s Hole it’s a sharp left up a steep hill towards Cocklaw Fell. Too steep to cycle, it’s a tough job pushing the bikes up the hill, but when we get to the top the fun begins. This bit is one of my favourite mountain biking routes around. The trail continues south east over Cocklaw Fell, Green Quarter Fell passing Skeggles Water, and south towards Staveley Head Fell. There have been some path repairs since we were last on this trail which I’m pleased about because it was getting very boggy in places.

A minor 'boggy' tumble before the long, awesome, rocky descent back in to Kentmere

This route has seen us falling off on many occasions, but usually this was due to sinking into the bogs. Sunday saw me flying over the handlebars on a steep but dry bit of ground. I’ve no idea what caused the bike to stop, but I kept going and landed with a crash and not a few bruises. Ouch!

Winded and in a bit of pain with a rapidly swelling knee, we took a right turn and headed west and down hill through a plantation and down to the main road. An easy ride back got us home after 3 hours.

Despite the crash its was still a great ride. 😛

The route

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    1. Took one day off the booze on Monday, but back to it again last night at the Burns night. The knee has recovered enough for stripping the willow, gay gordons and many more. Not so sure yet it’s good enough for running, but I’ll try tonight.

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