Moving Postcard from Antarctica

Yeah! 😛 We got a postcard from Antarctica today! Just like Anna’s card it’s got a funky Halley Bay stamp on the back, but our card was even slower making it’s way from the far far south all the way to it’s final destination in the far far [English] north. I’d guess Ian knows his own postcode better? Our card had none. Whatever, it’s a cool (no pun intended) memento of Ian’s awesome adventure.

Antarctic Postcard

Also – the moving bit – Ian has sent me a massive email attachment to upload… After a bit of resampling to get the filesize down from the enormous 10MB to just about 2MB, making it a fair bit easier, if a little less high quality, for everyone to see.

As Ian reported earlier, the move of the new Halley base has begun. Quite incredible really, the idea of a whole scientific research station being dragged piece by piece across the ice. Especially when one considers that they’ll do this again and again every year as the ice carries it towards the sea. 😮

It looks like a scene from Star Wars; the ice planet Hoth with the Halley base playing the part of an AT AT Walker


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