Rjukan long weekend

A party of six Wayfarers joined Smiler’s CC meet to Rjukan this week.

Things seemed different this year, mostly steeper! Here is Backwein, steeper than I’ve ever seen it.

Here is John doing a good route at Krokan.

Dave, Terry, Geoff and Mark had a nice day on the unpronounceable route (floodlit) above town…. Terry topping out, with amazing views down…

The inevitable trip to Ozzimosis. Here is Terry on the curtain right of that route….

Plus a long shot from the side.

Meanwhile, Dave and Mark were enjoying the trip

7 thoughts on “Rjukan long weekend”

  1. Pictures usually don’t give back how steep things are in reality but this looks very steep from all angles!! Steep or not, red looks gorgeous on ice, so I guess I’ll have to go and buy some new staff before my upcoming trip. :mrgreen:

  2. Rjukan looks great this year, and not even as crowded as I expected with the CC meet.

    Yeah, red looks great on ice. Very professional. The shop assistants just don’t get it when I look at disgust at all the black clothes they have these days and declare, “but they look rubbish on photos”.

  3. Yeah,the two things you musn’t do if you want good ice photos are wear black clothes or white helmets. Tish is right though, you can’t easily buy stuff that’s not black 😕 What’s it like in Hungary, Dalma?

  4. Like in any small country where climbing is not one of the most popular activities: you can’t easily buy stuff. 😐 Colour?! Who cares! But when it comes to cake shops … that’s a whole different story! :yum: :yum: :yum:

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