Winter approaches

As the summer season draws to a close, with only 15 days before we board the Shackleton to sail back to the Falklands, it’s all systems go to get the build as far on as possible and all the modules in place at Halley 6. There is still a lot of electrical and heating work to be done, but at last the mechanical guys have got the generators up and running; although these came new, and were just plopped into the plant rooms before they had walls on, they have been stripped, flushed and had all electronic parts tested and/or replaced before they could be started. Not just turning a key. They have been sat for 3 years though waiting for this moment, so its no wonder they needed some tlc first. Of course, they fired up first time! There are 2 energy modules: both have 2 generators and they sit roughly in the middle of what will be a long line ……….. They are split by a steel bridge, so that any catastrophe or fire doesn’t destroy the whole base, and the half that is left can still function. It’s a far cry from the upturned boats that Shackleton’s men had to cope with, or even the Summer accommodation of the Drewery building and annexe that we are using today (containers with bedrooms in).

The Drewery Annexe and skidoo park

As the summer ends we are also getting closer to our first sunset for a couple of months. Here is the view at midnight a couple of days ago:

Getting closer to night...

We have also had a group of 3 visitors to the base over the last couple of days. Much smaller and cuter than the Americans from a week or so ago. A trio of Adelie penguins waddled through one evening. These are smaller than Emperor penguins and took the time to hang around to pose for the camera.

Saying Hello!
Adelie Penguin

Not much running has taken place this week as the marathon attempt is on Sunday, and we are all saving our legs. Also the weather has be very windy and unseasonably warm, giving soft, heavy snow on the perimeter. Lets hope its colder on Sunday, but not too cold. It is for charity, so if you feel inclined check out:

I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes……………

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6 thoughts on “Winter approaches”

  1. I think the penguin is gorgeous as well. Good luck with the marathon. My thoughts turned to you all out there particularly on the 15th; the birth day of Sir Ernest Shackleton; my all time hero.

  2. Wonderful… loved the dragging movie… reminded me of The Shipping News Film: did I lend that to you and Anna? Very dark film, involving dragging a house across a frozen lake! Great pics as usual and text too!

    So looking forward to seeing you… not long to go now!

    Take care.

    PS: did you run a marathon???

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