The Final Week

With just 2 hours before I travel the 15kms to the coast to get on the ship, a last blog from the Brunt Ice Shelf. This week has seen the final modules pulled to the Halley 6 site and joined to the rest…

A busy site as the last Halley module is positioned
Halley 6 Complete

There is still a lot of work to be done in the modules, but for this season the work is over. Some of the work is behind schedule (mechanical and electrical) but at least the decoration is ahead of
where we expected to be…

Sun setting on the season

The base seems really a large undertaking when you are working around it every day, but when it is seen in its position on the ice shelf, it is really only a speck in the vastness of white…

Halley 6 on the Brunt Ice Shelf

Series - Antarctic Painting

  1. Polar Painting
  2. Journey South
  3. The Journey Continues; Iceberg Ahoy!
  4. Ice Ice Baby
  5. The Weddell Sea
  6. Nearly there!!
  7. Halley 6 : On The Ice
  8. All Work and No Play
  9. Different Shades of Grey
  10. Racing Penguin
  11. The Move Begins
  12. Moving Postcard from Antarctica
  13. Winter approaches
  14. The Halley Marathon
  15. The Final Week
  16. The Journey North
  17. Antarctic Painting – Year 3
  18. Antarctic Demolition

8 thoughts on “The Final Week”

  1. Sorry Grim – haven’t been reading your blog. Just did a marathon session start to finish – fantastic. What a trip – Cape Town (any Zulu warriors about?). Searching for slack gash on board 😯 , the Weddell sea (who’da thought they’d name a sea after Rich?). Driving the boat (Skip could have given you a lend of his hat for the photo. Was there a setting on that lever marked “Ramming Speed”?). Footy on the ice (ski poles for goalposts?), sending up an inflatable No 37 bus to record the weather. Running a marathon on ice at -10C in 4hr30 – sterling effort. Fabulous photos – did you take them all? And the highlight of the whole trip – winning the Christmas raffle. All that training at the Polar Bear, Hounslow, paid off (how prophetic was that?) but HOW MANY TICKETS DID YOU BUY?

    Bet you’re looking forward to seeing some grass.

    Flo sends her love.

  2. The final pictures from the plane were taken by Kirk the resident film maker. We are all busy working while he just takes pics. All the rest were mine. In the fist pic, I’m one of the 2 people stood to the right of the bottom module!

  3. Hope you got my last comment Ian….enjoy the luxury cruise(!) and look forward to seeing you when you can look a paintbrush in the eye again.

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