Crochues-Berard traverse

Another fine day. No more fresh snow, but still plenty of powder to be found if you’re prepared to make the effort. We chose one of our favourite day tours, the Crochues-Berard traverse.

The index chair lift and then the Floria button lift took us to the start of the tour (these lifts are just great!). Then it’s an hour of up hill skinning to the Col des Crochues. The last 10 metres or so are always steep, so the skis have to come off. Luckily there had been a few people before us, so we were able to make use of the bucket steps.

Pete on the final ascent just before the Col des Crochues
Laetitia on top of the Col des Crochues

Then it’s a cool swish through deep powder, and then a long traverse before the next up hill to the Col du Berard.

Time to put the skins back on before the final ascent to the Col du Berard

After the Col du Berard we were rewarded with the most fantastic down hill glorious powder, then through the trees and eventually down to Le Buet.

Pete enjoying the powder!
Laetitia also enjoying the powder!!

Just enough time for a quick beer before the train back to Chamonix.

A rewarding beer, or two, just before the train arrives

Another great day out.

Another beer and the finest French Mexican dinner - we earnt it

Series - Chamonix 2011

  1. Deep powder at Planpraz
  2. Off piste powder heaven at Le Tour
  3. Crochues-Berard traverse
  4. Frendo-Ravanel

7 thoughts on “Crochues-Berard traverse”

  1. I’d resisted going for a Mexican meal in France for ages, but Pete finally persuaded me. It’s fantastic, with home made nachos :yum: :yum: :yum: and scrummy tortillas :yum: :yum: .
    I had to laugh tho’, when I asked for “dos cervezas por favor” and the waiter looked at me very blankly. Then I said “deux biรจres s’il vous plaรฎt” and there was still a blank look. He was Italian. I don’t know any Italian. Luckily, “two beers please” seemed to work. :sarcy: :sarcy:
    It’s a great restaurant, Corre el Tiempo, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

    1. This reminds me of a Hungarian joke. Policemen are considered quite stupid here so we have lots of jokes about their ‘sharp brains’. This one goes like this: A foreign tourist walks up to two policemen and asks for directions. First he tries in English but the policemen don’t understand. Then he tries German, Italian, French, Russian and several other languages but the result is the same. In the end he gives up and leaves. So one policeman tells the other, ‘Hmmm … I guess it’s time we learned some foreign languages’ The other replies, “What for?! Just look at this poor guy, how many languages he speaks and still he has no use of it’ ๐Ÿ™„

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