A Close Encounter of the Unexpected Kind

How many times have we all walked into Evan Thomas creek down Kananaskis?

There, just standing in middle of track ahead was a COUGAR!!!!!!!

...and a little closer, a cougar...

He/She just stood there watching, then calmly walked across the track and into the trees. Must have had lunch that day.

8 thoughts on “A Close Encounter of the Unexpected Kind”

  1. Wow 😯 😯 😯
    After all those years of watching for foot prints and thinking, oh yeah, we’ll never be in danger of actually seeing one. He/she didn’t fancy a Terry flavoured snack that day then. :yum: :yum:

  2. OMG, that’s amazing. Do you know how many times I wondered who’d be lunch when I saw prints? I wonder what our cat crazy friend will think?

    Have a great time Terry, say hi to Vicki.

  3. Hey Terry,

    Are you sure… it looks like a bobcat or lynx to me! Pointy ears. Doesn’t really look that big compared to the tracks. Did you see it’s tail?
    A lynx tail is very short – 4 inches (?), bobcat is like a house cat, cougar is as long as the body and a foot of it would drag on the ground when walking.

  4. Fantastic Terry, and you kept your wits and got a piccy 😉 good work!!!
    and whatever it is…………….. it’s not a dog!! Wait ’til Anna sees it!! :love: :love:

  5. Well, the picture has stimulated great interest in town. Measuring sticks are coming out and extrapolations made. Ear shapes being matched to profiles. Particularly so because the Wardens believe there is a cougar operating relatively close to the parking lot in Evan Thomas. Daft thing is that, although we examined the tracks (a good time)afterwards, we clean forgot to photograph them 😥

    But last year,they were prolific around there. particularly around Moonlight Falls, where one actually sat by our sacks at the bottom (before the slope)presumably watching us abseiling :yum:

    But it certainly wasn’t a Penguin 🙄

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