Keswick Trails Again…….

When Anna told me that Zac and Sarah were joining us for the run from Keswick, I had visions of toiling far behind the 3 of them, with Kelda running between, unsure as usual who to run with. Both Sabiene and I were relieved to see that their warm up in Keswick consisted of a latte and a huge sausage bap; who could run far after that??

Sarah takes on more pies!!

Luckily though, the weather stayed a lot better than the forecast had predicted, and we were soon all sweating on the uphill stretch toward Skiddaw. This area is particularly boggy and I was quite jealous of Zac’s seal skinz socks…… but once you’re wet, thats it, you’re wet.

On the gentle climb from Keswick
A brief stop for photos before the climb up the side of Lonscale Fell

Of course the down, with the pounding on the knees and toes being squashed in the end of shoes was almost as painful as the up, but it didn’t stop us having coffee and cakes when we got back to Keswick!!

Sarah, Sabiene and Anna with cake and coffee....YUM!

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