Three More Sunny Days

Wansfell Pike
On Thursday we walked to the garden centre in Ambleside via Wansfell Pike, locating the Wansfell letterbox on route…

Laetitia on top of Wansfell Pike with the Kirkstone Pass in the distance
The Wansfell Stamp

High winds from the east were forecast suggesting a colder day so we sought out the shelter of Trowbarrow Quarry. What a mistake, the place was like an oven! Way too sheltered!

The first route (Assagai) wasn't too bad, with a the light cloud cover the quarry was delightful.

Later though when the cloud evaporated and the sun started cooking the contents of the quarry we got weaker and weaker and more and more lethargic.

The classic Coral Sea
...and Jean Jeanie

The heat in the sheltered quarry was taking it’s toll… After we had cooked for a few hours and a few routes we had no sweat left in our bodies, at which point we rushed off to rehydrate with a large cool Pimms each! :yum:

Black Crag
We’d arranged to meet up with Ian at Shepherds Cafe on Saturday… The forecast was still for strong winds from the east. However, many of the popular crags in Borrowdale face west-ish so we hoped to shelter from the wind and enjoy the sun once it had had a chance to come round. We were right – Black Crag was in fantastic condition. But, just about everyone else in the world was there too giving the classic Troutdale Pinnacle a hammering. We counted 16 people on that route at one point and there were at least that many waiting still to climb at the base! Busy!! This didn’t affect us too much on our first route, Raindrop, until the final pitch where Raindrop and Troutdale Pinnacle come together – here we waited for the team in front patiently sitting on top of the pinnacle for some 45 minutes.

Ian on his first rock climb since last summer, the second pitch of Raindrop
The top of the Troutdale Pinnacle; a super spot to catch up with Ian's stories from Antarctica. Ian and Laetitia also practiced their Oops Upside Your Head dance routine...

We finished at Black Crag with a made up line directly up the pinnacle taking in some of Troutdale Pinnacle Direct, Super Direct, The Mortician, and The Mortuary. Unfortunately although Ian had a good view to get some pictures the shadows of this overhung groove line didn’t do them justice. But Ian did get a great shot of Kelda!

Kelda taking a break in the dappled light of the trees at the base of Black Crag
After that we headed off back with Ian for an Aspatrian BBQ…

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