They made it!

So far so good, all six eggs have hatched and survived their first few days!

Despite my early worries about the parenting skills of the newly hatched chicks they’ve all got through their first few days. It was very tricky to count them all to be sure, but it’s just possible in this very poor picture (sorry 🙁 ) to make out six distinct yellow gapes. 😀 Hooray!

Six yellow gapes of our nesting Blue Tit chicks

Series - Nest Box '11

  1. Frantic Nesting
  2. Easter Eggs!
  3. Egg Sitting
  4. First Chick
  5. They made it!
  6. Blue Tit Update

8 thoughts on “They made it!”

  1. Horrific news from next door: a sparrow frightened off the blue tit parents and then went in the box and murdered the blue tit chicks 😈 :angry: 🙁
    It was then seen to be wiping its beak as they do after eating…. as the birds are different species does this count as cannibalism????

      1. Hmmm … I wouldn’t think sparrows are endangered. Both sparrows and blue tits are protected in Hungary but the ‘value’ of blue tits is 10x higher. :geek:

          1. Unbelievable!!! 😯 Hungary is still full of them and hopefully it will stay so. I can hear them all the time in our garden, they are rather loud and can never stop chirping.

    1. Nature is a shocker. 😯 … and all captured on camera?

      Blue tits are much cuter than sparrows, so I’d rather see them in the bird box than sparrows – I’m sure that’s bad 😳 .
      … and strangely I haven’t felt shock and horror at the sight of the live caterpillars that the blue tits are munching away at.

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