Lower Scout Crag – GRRRRRRR!

Lower Scout Crag looks as though it’s been hit by exploding chalk bags, but actually it’s the result of filming for a telly programme.

About a month ago, the crag stood in for Piz Badile for several days and nights. The white stuff was sprayed on to simulate ice and verglas during a night shoot.
Despite a month of pretty solid rain, this white muck still hasn’t washed off.

I know that in the greater scale of things, the white is barely noticeable, but I know it’s there and I find it VERY ANNOYING!!

(Phew, I feel much better for a rant!)

6 thoughts on “Lower Scout Crag – GRRRRRRR!”

  1. What is the ‘white stuff’? Isn’t there an environment impact? I can’t believe TV companies get permission for stuff like this in a national park! And when they do, there should be strict conditions, with very strong financial penalties, that they clean up after themselves! :angry:

  2. This type of careless abuse gets me quite upset, I can be fined for dropping litter in the street but TV companies think it’s OK to trash our countryside, so I reported it to the National Park. Here’s their response so far, I look forward to the National Trust’s response…

    Thank you for your message about the state of Lower Scout Crag. This was the first I had heard about the state of the crag as the National Park Authority had not been consulted about the work of the TV company. I have passed your concerns, along with my own, to the National Trust Manager for the area as it is their property leased out to a tenant farmer. I have asked the National trust to respond directly to your concerns.

    As you say in the whole scheme of things it may not be of great concern, but it is a unsightly at the moment and I think it is only right and proper that companies who utilise such beautiful areas are required to return them to the state they found them in if not better.

    Like you I look forward to the Trust’s response.

    Best regards

    Steve Tatlock

    Park Management ranger for the Central and South East Area.

  3. This was quick…

    I have had further information from the National Trust (NT) about the Lower Scout Crag problem. The TV crew used a bio degradable, type approved substance for the snow. However due to rain during the filming the ‘snow’ stuck to the rock better than expected. The TV crew subsequently employed a professional abseil team to manually remove the ‘snow’ and I am told the crag is back to normal. You were not the only person to report the unsightly nature of the artificial snow, representatives of the British Mountaineering Council and several others had voiced their opinion to the NT. Hopefully all is now well.

    Thanks again for taking the time to raise this issue.

    Best regards

    Steve Tatlock

    Park Management Ranger

  4. Thanks for pushing, Pete, should have done it myself, rather than just complaining 😐
    Anyway, I’m pleased to be be able to confirm that the crag is now clean!

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