Another Luxury Weekend

A few weeks ago Arthur kindly invited me to join him at The Stables in Langdale which he rented again:

Sabiene’s rental was featured on a previous blog

Andy and Sabiene were there this weekend too. We started with a good dinner in the Glass House, Ambleside on Friday night.

Saturday was hot, quite humid in the valleys, and breezy on top. We had a pleasant stroll up to Esk Pike and Rossett Pike.

A great view of Raven Crag from near the ODG
Ascending from the Langdale Valley

This letterboxing thing must be catching. Sabiene has an app on the ‘phone that locates geocaches for her and according to this they are all over the Esk/Rossett Pike area.

"It's over there! Oh no, it's 3 km away..."

That evening, a roast chicken dinner, for which Ian joined us, and snooker.

Ian beats Arthur at snooker

On Sunday we recovered from the excesses of the night before, to ready ourselves for a late barbecue lunch.


And for pudding: CAKE


3 thoughts on “Another Luxury Weekend”

  1. Yeah, geocaching and letterboxing are very similar in that there’s a “treasure” to find. Except letterboxing is far more old school relying on reading maps, compass, pacing, and puzzle solving, using a GPS is very much not playing the game. Also of course with geocaching it’s often the case that people swap trinkets left at the cache site, whereas with letterboxes the idea is that everyone only takes away an impression of the letterbox rubber stamp.

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