A Little Afternoon Fun

Two stressful weeks of hard work after my lovely holiday in the Écrins were too much to bear! My system cried for rock and I just could not wait until the weekend, I had to go immediately. So I summoned Gabor, Jenna and Gulyas and after work we went to a local crag just 30 min drive from Budapest.

Hanga, the teenage daughter of my colleague joined us as well, it was her very first time on real rock!! She enjoyed it very much, so much so that she’s going to join us again on Sunday when we will go to Austria (to the ‘infamous’ Wasserfall Kindergarden … erm … Klettergarten. You know the one with the whole lot of of shiny new bolts! 😉 )

So we had a little Friday afternoon fun enjoying the rock, the sunshine and the good company. Poor Jenna still can’t climb because of her ankle so she just took it leisurely with Gulyas, who, needless to say, slept through the whole event on the blanket. Sorry, no pictures of that, as the photographer was Hanga’s father and he’s not into doggies too much.

Here you can see Dalma starting the first route. It was grade III but felt around French 4b.

All beginnings are hard!

Gabor solved the same problem in a much more elegant way:

All beginnings are hard but not for all of us!

And here you can see Hanga testing her skills on real rock for the first time in her life!

We had such jolly good time that even the birds organised a meet to watch us!

Birds meet up in the sky

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