Helvellyn Letterboxes

The week has been wet, very wet, and Saturday morning dawned damp looking. Climbing was clearly off the agenda. So with the Rab Mountain Marathon getting scarily close and our lack of running fitness becoming a real worry we thought we’d try a fell-run with a bit more ground to cover, and a lot more elevation to tackle … Helvellyn. Personally, I find running on its own quite dull, so we thought we’d also spice the run up a little by finding a few more letterboxes on route. Doubly good value of course as it makes the run a little bit more in the style of a mountain marathon. In fact we like to think it’s harder as the controls are hidden, whereas they have handy white and red orienteering markers in a MM (that’s right isn’t it Rachel/Richard?).

The first section from Glenridding is so steep we couldn’t run – we simply walked as fast as we could until the gradient relented. Even so we burned all the walkers off with ease – so the sweat pouring from my brow was well earned. However, as we reached the section of fell before the ridge gathers itself together to form the brilliant Striding Edge we got slammed with the wind, drizzle, and low cloud. Suddenly this was turning in to a great adventure! πŸ˜›

Laetitia running towards Striding Edge and the low cloud!
Pete at the Dixon memorial on Striding Edge
A spooky Striding Edge. The wet rocks were slippy and travelling at speed required care!
Laetitia after Swirral Edge just before we continued on over Catstye Cam
We descended in to Keppelcove and visited the disused dam. Of course we ignored the signs. πŸ˜‰
The Keppelcove dam was used to power machinery at Greenside lead mine lower down the valley. However, the dam gave way in 1927 and the surge of water caused extensive damage in the village of Glenridding.

Here’s today’s haul of Lakeland Letterboxes:

And one final item of interest – I’ve got this amazing Nike+GPS App on my phone that tracks route (with GPS), time, pace, calories burnt, etc. I’m finding it to be an awesome training aid, giving me a continuous feeling of progression (or lack of). It was only Β£1.49 and it retains all the data to look back at old runs etc. Plus, if you want you can have it automatically Tweet or post to Facebook. πŸ˜€ Cool. Here’s today’s route.

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6 thoughts on “Helvellyn Letterboxes”

  1. So what is your record from Glenridding car park to the summit? We walked it in 1:20 once but haven’t tried runing it (yet).

    [Tish: isn’t Pete sexy in his Max Wall lookalike tights??!!? :yum: πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† ]

    1. Well, thanks to that fancy Nike+ app I can accurately report that we reached the summit in 1:13:44. Which I’m quite pleased with ‘cos that includes a wee stop for Tish at the Glenridding camp site, rain, wind, cloud, about 10 minutes finding and recording the Striding Edge letterbox, and slipping and sliding but surviving the traverse of the edge itself.

      As for the comments about my legs! 😳 :angry: I upgraded my Ron Hill leggings for these just a few weeks ago, they were cheap and are much more comfortable for running – but you’ll never see me wearing them at the crag… Hmm, perhaps the joined-to-the-knee feature is why I’m so slow? πŸ˜‰

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