Summer Is (Still) Here!

The weather was not only nice to the English this weekend but also to the Hungarian. So we used one of the last summer weekends and went out to have some fun at a Hungarian limestone quarry I posted on a few months earlier.

Our team consisted of Istvan (you know him from my Wales post mainly), Ildi (me and Terry had the honour to climb with her in France this summer), Évi (she was there on our Paklenica ‘joint meet’), Jenna and Gabor. Oh, and Gulyas, our Best Friend, of course!

Here you can see our small team (minus photographer) at the crag.

From left to right: Gabor, Jenna, Istvan, Gulyas, Ildi, Evi

And here’s our hero of the day, Istvan, who so nicely carried up the ropes for us into some really hard routes. His best achievement was a VII+ route, which was the hardest of his life. But now it became an expectation. We all tried it afterwards top rope and then we could even more appreciate his achievement. A truly magnificient climber he is!

Istvan, the hero of the day in the crux of the VII+ route

We all had a great time, I myself have aching muscles everywhere in my body, even in my legs which means I’m finally using them properly. But fingers and arms are no exception!

I was amazed how much everyone has improved during this season. Gabor was now leading VI+ routes without any problems, and Jenna’s technique is something I have always admired but now I truly envy her!

Jenna showing her superb technique with Istvan telling her where the holds are supposed to be

Even I felt the routes were easier than what they had felt when I was here this spring! So looks like I’m improving as well!!! (Too bad I could not practice more on the fine English rocks but maybe next time.)

Dalma hanging onto tiny holds
Gulyas the watchdog makes sure no one touches our gear

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