Echo Lake & Lovers’ Leap East Wall

Echo Lake

Assuming two things – 1) that enough of the snow would have melted higher up to allow us to access the climbs, and 2) that a weekend day would provide a better chance of using the unique taxi-boat access for the climbs at Echo Lake despite it being (very) late season – we agreed to visit Gangsta Wall at Echo Lake on Saturday. Unluckily the second assumption was wrong and the taxi-boats were not running, so the promised 5 minute approach (and boating adventure) turned in to a lovely 50 minute snowy walk… Happily the first assumption was correct and the venue was very sunny, warm, and snow free. Well the routes were snow free! :mrgreen:

The view from the car park at Echo Lake
The beautiful snowy hike to the climbing at the far end of Echo Lake - Gangsta Wall
Paul belaying Boris, and Laettia following Pete up 2 of America's Most Wanted
Paul on the continuation second pitch of Drive By, a desperately thin 5.9 pitch!
Boris chilling out in the sun
Pete on The Chronic

Lovers’ Leap

Sunday saw us at the famous Lovers’ Leap again for another day of amazing climbing on the East Wall.

The start of the day was incredibly cold though (approx. 6°C) until the sun came round on to the wall at about 1.30pm. Bliss! 😛

We’d chosen The Line and Paul and Boris chose Scimitar, two classic 5.9 routes on the East Wall. It was great to climb some rock with actual holds after the previous three days of desperate slab climbing. I don’t think my toes (or nerves) could have coped with yet another day of smearing on non-existent features.

Laetitia following the second pitch of The Line on the East Wall of The Lowers' Leap
All smiles now, the sun has come round and started to warm us up.
From the top pitch of our route we got a view across to Paul and Boris on Scimitar...
Laetitia finishes the moves through the "wild" roof at the end of The Line's third pitch

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  1. Wow, these pictures are SO cool! I love mountain climbing, we do it often too but rock climbing is a little extreme. Not that I wouldn’t love to try it! 🙂 This is just wonderful!

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