Lycia Day 4: wildlife and tombs

The large one is unfinished: the gaps between the pillars have been cut out only at the top

I could not resist posting this image of the less acceptable face of British tourism. Spotted at thermal mudbaths:

Words fail me...

I had intended to bathe but felt the baths were a bit insanitary so did not bother. Though I would have felt particularly slim 🙂

I did spot a more attractive specimen:

One for Terry

A boat ride down a river set in broad reedbeds between distant cliffs afforded wondeful view of these rock-cut tombs:

The large one is unfinished: the gaps between the pillars have been cut out only at the top
Another view
On the river

The boat docked at the access point fot the ancient city of Kaunos where the acropolis proved an irresistible scramble. A vague path led up the hillside to stop at a limestone wall of about Diff grade. I skipped happily up this – and then discovered I had been followed by another tourist. I was a bit worried what his wife would say if he fell off so, after taking in the views of the ruins and the river running out to the sea – there were fish weirs here thousands of years ago and the fish remains delicious 🙂 – and taking some more pictures of ruins with which I will not bore you, I felt obliged to help with the descent.

This was one of the best ancient sites of the week, with loads to see, no “keep off” or “do not climb on the ruins” signs, and – a first for me – inhabited by wild tortoises.

wild tortoise at Kaunos

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  1. I’m sure that wallowing in mud spas is deemed fashionable by these British youngsters. I doubt they would feel the same about a trip through Colostomy Crawl in Peak Cavern..

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