Lycian Way: day 3 or day 1?

Faralya to Ovacik: this walk is actually Day 1 of the Way but in the other direction. Today’s walk actually ended on the drive of the hotel – how convenient is that?

The start was above Faralya, otherwise known as Butterfly Valley.

Typical view from the cliffs. Delightful little swimming bays await in the inlets, though it isn't always easy to get to them

It was a hot day so the opportunity to stop in woods was welcome. Ther were some huge boulders for bouldering; these had clearly come down from the surrounding mountains (hopefully not too recently). The big mountain in the area is Baba Dag which is about 6000 feet, and the launch pad for many hang-gliders.

Another view....

I’m told that nowadays there is a track at the back of the mountain going almost to the summit, so jeeps take groups and their gear almost to the top. Apparently there was to be a competition the following week and one day I counted 30 kites some of which flew in formation and some demonstrated impressive acrobatics. (Not easy to photograph though; sorry.)

Whilst ingesting my lunch I comtemplated a superb sweep of slabs waiting to be developed. Although there is a lot of loose stuff directly above I decided I could pick out a route up a corner that would avoid this objective danger. However I shall leave this to be sussed out by a brave person with a bolt gun.

At last! A climbing-related photo!!!!! The slabby bit was off the the right

The return along cliffs and down to the hotel (at about 300 feet above sea level, approx a mile away) afforded spectacular views but these did not photograph as well as I’d have liked as it was a bit hazy. Definitely a worthwhile stroll from the hotel, should you ever find yourself there.

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