Saskia’s birthday party

It was a big birthday for Saskia this year, so that called for a big birthday celebration. She and Nick invited 25 friends and family for a dinner party down at theirs.

Of course parties mean getting dressed up…

Laetitia and Saskia's great friend Rachel, starting early on the champagne. Rachel is an honorary family member.

We started the evening with champagne and hor d’oeuvres in the garden.

Nick and Saskia
Andy and Angela.
Saskia and Andy having a laugh.
Caroline socialising with Saskia's friends.

After many glasses (never too many) of champagne, we moved indoors for dinner. Amazingly, Saskia and Nick, with help from Caroline, had managed to re-arrange the lounge so there was room for us all to sit down for the wonderful dinner prepared by Nick’s mum.

Party guests finding their seats.
Laetitia and Pete

The dessert was amazing…

No, we didn't get one each, we had to share with the rest of the table!

After many, many glasses of wine, dessert wine, and port, things almost got out of hand…

I'll let you think of your own caption here...

… and while that carried on, I did some washing up.

It was a great night, and fantastic to be with my family.

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