Christmas Pudding Race 1

I’d been a bit disappointed to find that four of the usual suspects were not participating this year. Excuses included: work (pah!), injury, MRT training, and ballet – a good variety at least. It looked like it was going to be Andy and me, and no supporters 🙁 And it was a pretty miserable day – though greatly improved on the storms of last week which had wreaked havoc on the trees and walls along Langdale.

However, when we arrived the rain had stopped and we found Jo and Carl ready to compete, and the Jack brothers ready to support – and take pictures (thanks, Dave) 🙂

The "before" photo: Andy, Anna, Jo, Carl at the Stickle Tavern

It was so mild, maybe around 10 degrees, that there was no need for hat or gloves, though there were quite a lot of Santa hats. The full-on costumes spotted in addition to a few Santas included Superman, Batman and Robin, and a very large Christmas Pudding (no Bananaman; perhaps next year????). Unfortunately the official photographer did not capture any of these.

For the first few kms I beat my planned times so towards the finish I knew I had a chance to beat my pb and achieve my goal of a sub-50 time. Apparently Andy had spotted me after about 5 kms, less far ahead than he’d expected, and he tried to catch up. In the last km or so I understand he tried to pass me – I was completely unaware of the threat – but at this stage I was going for gold and had speeded up. The excellent result was that he ran fast too, and we both made it over the finish in less than 50 minutes 🙂 🙂

I hoped to add some action shots but apparently I was running too fast for the cameraman (!)

Me finishing

Jo and Carl were not far behind.

Carl sprints for the finish

And since it is a pudding race, here we are with our winnings:

The "after" photo: Carl, Jo Anna and Andy with puddings

As usual we had a well deserved drink afterwards.

Cointreau hot chocolate orange "avec Chantilly". Yum. (Approx 100,000 calories.)

There was also an interesting beer which I was able to sample whilst we sat about chatting and waiting for the results/prizegiving.

No caption required.

I’m happy to say that in addition to my pudding I got some more wine to take home and, a first, also a cuddly toy! (This was preferable to the prize for FV40, who got a large chocolate sea-horse….???)

Clutching my booty

And – next week there is a Christmas Pudding Trail Race! 🙂

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