Exciting new adventure!

Recently I decided I ought to brush up my navigation. So one evening I went along to West Cumberland Orienteering Club‘s session after work.

This particular event was was held on a fell outside Lamplugh, miles from the nearest lamp-post, on a cloudy, moonless, starless night. So there are no other photos!

My First Orienteering Map

I had no idea what to expect of an orienteering event so fortunately I went with my friend Andrew; this meant I did not have to worry too much about approaching a strange man in a car parked in the middle of nowhere in the dark of the night. The strange man said, “Ah, two of you, you’ll be doing it separately of course.” “Yes, that’s right,” said Andrew. “NO WE WON’T!!” I replied. Andrew clearly had more faith in me than I did – I hadn’t done night nav since ML training +/-15 years ago.

Because it was pitch dark I wasn’t too worried about making a total fool of myself, and anyway nobody would know who I was; so imagine my surprise and horror when a head-torch beam pierced the darkness and someone said “Is than Anna?”. It was someone I knew from sensible running races, and I had lost my incognito. “I love orienteering,” she said, “But I’m really slow and always last.” “Hmmm, you aren’t any more!” I thought.

But it was fine, although I did indeed take Sarah’s place at the back, I fell over only once, had only one fight with a gorse bush, and got myself lost only twice. This week it’s near Lodore so I shall have to try not to end up in the waterfalls; watch this space….

Many thanks to Andrew for looking after me. 🙂

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