Happy Christmas from Antarctica!!

Over the last couple of weeks the main topic of conversation here at Halley has been food. After only a week here we began to run short of things. Of course, the food we are eating came on the ship last year and was ordered in about June 2010, so it appears they under-ordered. So far we’ve run short of pepper, sugar, meat, tomato sauce, CHOCOLATE, crisps… But at least there’s plenty of porridge. The emergency food was brought out, but with 60 people on base it hasn’t lasted long, and it was with great relief that a plane arrived from Rothera yesterday with more emergency food. The ship is also making good progress and should be here in the New Year. I forsee a Roman style banquet every night!!!!

Windy Bay Update
If you’re worried about how the young penguins at Windy Bay are getting on, I can report that the sea ice is still solid and they are getting a lot bigger. Hopefully the ice will remain into January when they should be big enough to survive. Here are some pics…

The penguin colony under the ice shelf cliffs
Look how clean I am!
Look at me!!
What's that?

By the way…
Happy Christmas to all the Sterling Adventure Bloggers and readers from here. It’s going to be a white Christmas…

Cue Bing…

Happy Chritmas from us!!!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Christmas from Antarctica!!”

    1. The emergency supplies do not include chocolate 😯 😯 😥 😥

      There will be some aboard the ship, which apparently is making excellent headway through the ice and should arrive sooner than expected, maybe in the next couple of days, so all is not lost.

  1. Not hearing anything from Ian for so long makes me worried that the supplies haven’t arrive and disaster has struck. 😯 😯 😯
    Alternatively, the chocolate did arrive and they’ve gorged themselves into a stupor. 🙂

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