Blog Birthday #6

It hardly seems possible, yet another year draws to a close and just like all of us the blog grows a year older!
Incredibly the site now gets around two million hits every month! 😯 Of course these readers come from a diverse range of sources, stuff like: WordPress Plugin users; disappointed BMW run-flat tyre drivers; cake eating connoisseurs; and most importantly, adventurers! 😛 And what a lot of adventure and fun we’ve all been having in the past year…

Some Blogger Highlights from 2011, the Blog’s 6th Year

Anna sprint

Anna Runs to Glory (repeatedly)…

Anna got serious about running and was winning all over the place! :clap:

Anna’s RSS feed

Muddy Colin

Colin kept on Diving and Caving…

Colin went caving, cave diving, and even took some photographs! 😯

Colin’s RSS feed

Dalma in Paklenica

We met our Hungarian friend Dalma…

Terry met Dalma in Croatia, France, and Wales. While the rest of us met up with Dalma in the Peak District, where we scared her and Elsie with a trip in to Giants.

Dalma’s, Eslie’s, and Terry’s RSS feeds

Ian at Halley

Ian’s Polar Adventures Continue…

Ian returned from Antarctica … and then went back again! 😥

Ian’s RSS feed

Happy Rachel

Rachel’s Enthusiasm for Adventures is Unabated…

We took part in our first Mountain Marathon, and, on another level entirely, Rachel and Richard (despite a recently broken arm) were first mixed team in their class at the OMM. :star:
Jon put in a good effort at the OMM too. 😀

Rachel’s and Jon’s RSS feeds

Richards Broken Arm

Richard Broke his Arm…

Richard broke his arm in and got rescued from Darren Cilau. 😮

Richard’s RSS feed

Tahoe Camping

Meanwhile we carried on Rock Climbing…

Paul, Laetitia, Boris, and Pete went to Tahoe, California where it snowed a lot and Rachel made us an entertaining puzzle. 😀

Paul’s, Laetitia’s, and Pete’s RSS feeds

Yet another amazing year.
A massive thank-you to all the blog’s authors, comment contributors, and readers!

The blog’s sixth year has been as active as ever with authors travelling far and wide:
Antarctica, Austria, Canada, Croatia, England, Falklands, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Jersey, Morocco, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, USA, and Wales.

Keep Visiting, Get Out, Have an Adventure, and Keep those Reports Coming.

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  1. Thanks for all the fascinating entries over the last few years I’ve been acquainted with it (since the Haute Route trip). Very best wishes for an active & exciting 2012.

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