Cold Capella

A paraglider enjoying the clean air above a beautiful frosty Langdale

Wow, the first awesome weather in the Lakes for what seems like weeks and weeks, and we were at home…

We weren’t the only ones to think that, the car park at the New Dungeon Ghyll was very full. Despite the temperatures being in the minus small numbers in the valley we know of a superb mountain sun trap – Pavey Ark.

The not-so-well-know Lakeland mountain winter sun trap - Pavey Ark

We’ve done the route a few times before but it’s an ultra classic and offers a line that is almost always dry, so Capella was the chosen line.

The tricky (and wet) bit at the start of Capella
Laetitia racing the shadow up the crag!
Laetitia walking down on the sunny side of Stickle Tarn

It seems that some paragliding club or another were having a meet in Langdale as we’d passed several folk carrying large glider packs on the trail up Stickle Ghyll and the skies were full of gliders! Plus, there was a windsock set up in their chosen landing field opposite the New Dungeon Ghyll hotel.

It made some sense of the packed car park too – as we left we noted that many of the vehicles were vans with gliding stickers and other “badges” stuck in their rear windows.

A paraglider enjoying the clean air above a beautiful frosty Langdale
Paragliding above Langdale


When we got home, after a swift gin & tonic, it was time for dinner… And seeing as we had gotten pretty cold during the day Laetitia opted to knock up something warming, Hungarian Goulash. Made with a recipe from our Hungarian recipe book and our Xmas present from Dalma – real Hungarian paprika!

Hungarian Xmas presents - special Paprika! :yum:

Thanks Dalma! 😀 It was yummy! :yum:

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  1. I have also been experimenting with paprika from Dalma – it’s much more tasty than the stuff you get in the supermarket here! I made a Sertés pörkölt the other day (from my Hungarian recipe book courtesy of Dalma) and also added some of the paprika to some home made bean burgers; both of which were very tasty 😉

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