Skiing in Bardonecchia

Rachel on the slopes

Richard and I have been exploring the slopes of Bardonecchia, a ski resort about 1hr 30 from Turin and quite close to Sestriere.

Whilst the snow fall has been pretty poor since before Christmas, the day before we arrived a significant amount of snow fell, making conditions on the slopes really quite nice for our first morning of skiing.

Rachel on the slopes

Whilst there is little really hard skiing at this resort, there are lots of nice runs through the trees with some interesting contour details. There are also lots of nice, traditional mountain cafes, which appear to sell the thickest hot chocolate known to man! It’s more like warm blancmange than hot chocolate … but we’re not complaining!

View from Cresta Seba

3 thoughts on “Skiing in Bardonecchia”

  1. Also, the place is practically deserted! 🙂

    And in other news, Rachel’s skiing is rapidly improving :clap: (although I’m losing my voice from all the shouting 😳 ).

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