Lakeland Snow

Laetitia throws in a free-style jump!

Saturday & Kentmere Reservoir

Richard and Ali came over to the Lakes this weekend… Snow was forecast, yet Saturday morning dawned cold and clear, though that didn’t last long. No sooner than we’d arrived at the parking area in Kentmere and the snow had really started to fall hard and was settling at all levels. This ruined our plan to nip round the Kentmere horseshoe as we were a bit late starting and a little under equipped for winter conditions on the fells. However, we did enjoy those conditions, got some much needed fresh air, and saw a large mob of deer. We had a long discussion about what a group of deer was called – at first we thought it would just be a herd, but later (with inter-web help) learned it could also be called a mob! ❗

The Kentmere road under snowy conditions
Approaching Kentmere reservoir
A frozen Kentmere reservoir with the snow settling on the ice

Dinner at the Eagle & Child

It’s my birthday soon (eugh, yet another year older!) so we headed out to the Eagle & Child for a few beers and some great pub-food on Saturday evening.

On the way to the Eagle & Child for dinner and beer!

Sunday & Scandale Fell

We weren’t really sure what the weather on Sunday would deliver – many forecasts seemed to be suggesting that a warm and wet front would come in from the west. But no, the massive cold weather system in Russia was winning and we were greeted with clear skies as we emerged from our slumbers…

The question that remained was what to do to entertain ourselves. We had thought to go to Kendal wall, but the awesome snowy scene outside beckoned. Eventually we decided to get out and locate a Lakeland Letterbox on High Pike above Ambleside.

Ali & Richard on the approach to Scandale from Ambleside
Looking back towards Windermere with the cloud inversion in the valleys
Approaching the High Pike summit
Letterbox stamp on High Pike
Richard, Ali, Laetitia, and Pete on Scandale Fell
Pete cornice-jumping!
Laetitia throws in a free-style jump!

GPX File Uploads

The regular visitors to the blog and authors will have noted the new mapping features in this report…

After a little teasing about providing the ability to trace the routes taken on adventures I have taken up the challenge and enhanced the country plugin to allow authors to upload GPX files (e.g. from GPS enabled devices). Then, with a simple link to the GPX file (e.g. <a href='http://domain/path/file.gpx'>file.gpx</a>), the link is automatically replaced with Google mapping showing the track of an adventure.

Hope it’s of use in future reports… 😀

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