Give the Ice a Chance!

Big prize for anybody who can name Terry’s new axes!

Really make everything a notch easier, I feel.

Just getting into the swing of it again. Been very warm here but forecast minus 12°C tonight with high minus 5°C tomorrow. But the promised plastic ice and associated ‘soft touches’ have all gone, I’m afraid (not the ice, just the soft touches).

Series - Canada '12

  1. Give the Ice a Chance!
  2. Quiet Day at Nakiska
  3. Evan-Thomas Creek
  4. Icefields Parkway
  5. A Picture Paints 1000 Words…
  6. The Ghost – Part 1
  7. The Ghost – part 2 – ‘Fang and Fist’
  8. A Competition…

5 thoughts on “Give the Ice a Chance!”

  1. Well that ice looks pretty fat and not-so-steep?

    Hmm, Petzl axes huh? Given BD the elbow have ya? Although I do agree with leash-less being the way forward – been using leash-less for 18 months and haven’t looked back! 🙂
    Don’t drop ’em though! Have you thought about a spinner leash for big routes?

  2. Leashless and ropeless? 😯

    Well, I could send you some cold weather from Hungary, around minus 20 forecasted for tonight, during the day it’s only minus 10! :freeze: :freeze: :freeze:

    Petzl Nomic? (I go for the big prize, hopefully something :yum: )

  3. Definetly Nomics, cos Little Pete’s got a pair, and they’re ace – very close to splashing out some cash to get a pair. Reckon Dalma has already bagged the spot prize though! Sorry Pete, you only named the manufacturer! :geek:

    Anywho, can I have a bonus spot prize for what look like modified Petzl Darts?! The front system, toe-bail and heel strap look conventional, but you’ve only a single pair of teeth on the heel. Am I missing something? :geek:

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