A Picture Paints 1000 Words…


Here you see most of the crew gathered (where else) in the Drake.


This is a self portrait of Dave as we drive at great speed up the ‘big hill’ to maintain traction.

Followed by a moody picture of the snowy drive out from the Ghost.


Series - Canada '12

  1. Give the Ice a Chance!
  2. Quiet Day at Nakiska
  3. Evan-Thomas Creek
  4. Icefields Parkway
  5. A Picture Paints 1000 Words…
  6. The Ghost – Part 1
  7. The Ghost – part 2 – ‘Fang and Fist’
  8. A Competition…

4 thoughts on “A Picture Paints 1000 Words…”

  1. Well these 3046 ‘words’ bring back yet more memories of Canada. Driving in to the Ghost is one of the best adventures going… Terry, you may have noticed I have been adding Google mapping to your posts, and plotting this one, the Big Hill, brought back a whole stream of memories. It also got me looking at the incredible terrain just north of the Ghost river where Laetitia and I went to find stuff like the Sorcerer and Hydrophobia – what a place! 😛 Google mapping is so revealing, a fantastic tool, there must be many more drainage lines that have not been fully explored. Their only drawback being the enormous approach – Hydrophobia, including the devilish drive, took us 5 hours to reach. Some of the more distant gullies may be two or three times further away!

  2. Good distribution of tasks: the two of you make a good post, Terry as photographer and Pete as writer. :sarcy:
    Exceptionally good picture of Dave, I can even hear his special laughter in my ears. Did he have the same expression on his face when we were driving up Eperon Bouchier ❓

  3. Yeah, we were uo on “House of Sky’ with the crew yesterday and I was just speculating that there must be endless more such features – but never considered google mapping as a tool. They reckon ‘Beowolf’ is the new ‘House of Sky’ But just imagine getting to those places?

    Hope to post a picture of the river crosings later!

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