The Ghost – Part 1

We hardly made it along highway 1A, so deep was the fresh snow and I was starting to have doubts as regards the wisdom of this trip. However, the tracks into the Ghost were well defined and it was a relatively easy ride.

Here you see ‘The Big Drip’ from top of the Big Hill.

Here you see the easy crossing of the ‘second river’ (taken coming out)

Five of us climbed ‘This House of Sky’ – once again, you can drive almost right upto it.

Here you see Val making short work of one of the many nice steps.

Terry comes up the narrow part.

This magic place!!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly were a bit bleached out this time

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4 thoughts on “The Ghost – Part 1”

  1. Looks like great fun, including the driving! :star: :star: :star:

    I wonder how many Hungarians have ever climbed any of these routes. I certainly would like to be one of the few one day … :love: What do I have to do to qualify myself to be on the team next time ❓ Would my cooking and baking skills make me indispensable? 💡

  2. Well, you literally would have to win the lottery now to afford to go now 😮 You just wouldn’t believe the prices, particularly food. Only the petrol remains ‘cheap’ at 72 pence per litre 😛

    Yeah, Pete, I’ve done HOS eight times now, four with Val. But I think you know how many times I’ve done Professor’s ❓

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