The Ghost – part 2 – ‘Fang and Fist’

Following our reports of easy access to the Ghost, the others decided they must go in. Fortunately, they had met Oliver from Calgary on Louise Falls and agreed to climb. He had a monster truck and they decided they would go into the far end of the North Ghost.

They dropped Paul (Cubbins) and Christian at ‘Beowolf’, which they climbed with a wet second pitch which you see here (just like when me, Paul H and Steph did it).

They then continued a bit further then walked up Claw Creek to ‘Fang and Fist’. Everyone’s been talking about this one. I don’t think we ever went up there on any of our trips.

Anyway, once again, the pictures tell the story. ….. the climber is John (Sealy).

Fang & Fist, pitch 1

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6 thoughts on “The Ghost – part 2 – ‘Fang and Fist’”

  1. Hey Terry, just looked at my pictures of Beowolf the year we did it and it look exactly same. Cool. Paul, Anna, Ian and I walked up to Claw Creek one year when you guys were on House of sky but nothing was in. The whole area had dribbles of ice nothing more. Looks fab, great photos.

  2. Well Richard, there may be a few more good reasons not immediately obvious from the picture 🙂

    Vibrations of the pillar when struck by tools 😐

    Aerated ice which wasn’t conducive to screws (that’s why there aren’t any)

    On top of that, the whole scene is in a remote area of an even remoter place. In the words of the guidebook – ‘rescue, forget it pal, you’re on your own’ :freeze:

    Hey Steph, that was a nice, albeit wet, day on Beowolf. Clearly stuck in your mind too 😎

    Everyone sent you their love :love:

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