Llanberis Slate

Pete below Seamstress on Seamstress Slab

After a heavy rain shower in the early hours of Sunday morning we decided our best option to find some quick drying rock was to visit the slate quarries above Llanberis.

After a quick purchase of the new Llanberis Slate guide book we made our way up to Bus Stop Quarry car park.

We knew were weren’t going to do great things today. My shoulder injury (from a very minor ski crash 3 weeks ago) was aching after yesterday’s sea kayaking adventure and I wasn’t sure how it would cope with strenuous pulls or even belaying.

We made our way to Seamstress Slab for some reasonably angled slabs.

Pete below Seamstress on Seamstress Slab
Pete on Seams the Same

While we climbed we were entertained by a bunch of guys slack-lining. They demonstrated amazing skill and balance as they walked along the three-way stretch of tape. They were really good when all three were on the tape at the same time, even staying on their feet when the others bounced about on purpose.

Three-way slack-lining. Awesome dude!

Two routes were enough for my shoulder, and a huge testosterone filled gang from Southampton arrived and spoiled the quiet atmosphere, so we decided to call it a day.

It was a shame to leave when it was still so sunny, but we’d had some fun.


2 thoughts on “Llanberis Slate”

  1. I just can’t believe the sunshine and the blue sky! 😯 I thought the sun never shined in North Wales …
    The slackliners look ace! :star: I saw some just the other day in a park in Bucharest but didn’t have my camera so no pictures.

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