Wasdale Head Inn – Long Way Round

Keri and Elsie at the top of Bowfell

My friend Keri invited me to the Lakes for the weekend and mentioned something about a bit of running, staying in a nice B & B in Wasdale, (one of my favourite places) and going to the pub, what could be better and more relaxing…

As I was packing for the weekend, I started to wish I had paid more attention to the e-mails that she had sent, especially as I realised that I had read the words ‘Bob Graham’ somewhere. So in the end I was actually quite relieved when I found out that we were only running 2 legs and not the whole thing!!

We had an early start from Dunmail Raise, and were greeted by a beautiful clear still, sunny morning, something neither of us had experienced for a long time. (Well we do live in Scotland!) We enjoyed the hike up onto Steel Fell, and along the tops over towards Langdale, the summits just seem to fly by. We started the climb up towards Bowfell which is probably the hardest part of the leg, and as we were plodding up it clouded over, then a few speckles of snow fell, and then it got quite heavy. Fortunately the summit of Bowfell was not too far away and as we headed towards Great End it started to clear again, and even got so sunny we had to stop and sunbathe for a bit. The last part of the day, running of Scafell Pike and up to the summit of Scafell (via foxes tarn, as broad stand looked wet and slimy) was great. But it had been a long way to the pub, and I was really starting to look forward to a drink… The descent turned out to be quite fun, Keri suggested an impossibly steep looking scree slope, and set off down it at breakneck speed, I did my best to follow gingerly, clinging desperately to the scree as it slid away beneath me.

What better way to end a fantastic day than a couple of pints in the Wasdale Head Inn and a nice comfy warm bed for the night. And even better a cooked breakfast in the morning.

I was almost feeling enthusiastic about the 10 miles, 1,600 metres and 8 summits to get back to the car at Honister if it wasn’t for the ridiculously steep climb up the side of Yewbarrow to start the day. It was another glorious day, and from then on, a stunning run along some distinctive and dramatic summits, I think I enjoyed every minute of it, although by the end my legs were complaining a bit and I was glad to get back to the car at Honister Pass.

Keri and Elsie at the top of Bowfell
Views into Wasdale from the top of Yewbarrow
Views over towards Great Gable

2 thoughts on “Wasdale Head Inn – Long Way Round”

  1. What a fantastic journey! And so amazing the range of weather conditions you encountered! 😎

    I guess you spent some time on the first morning pre-placing cars at each end of the route? Or did you have lifts or perhaps public transport sussed out?

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