Helen the Penguin

Helen the Glass Penguin

Helen the Glass Penguin
I’m getting close to finishing my series of quizz-tastic work venues for a bit. But they might be back! They’ve been aimed at trying to: provide a little geographic interest (showing off the new mapping features of the site); serving up some (poor?) humour; and sharing an occasional piece of art, history, monument, or architecture that I come across travelling Britain’s railways…

I think this week’s venue is a tough one! As usual, without cheating by using the map, where does this penguin live? It certainly isn’t one of Ian’s Antarctic friends… Although I’m sure at least one of the blog’s authors knows the location, as a little hint, why “Glass Penguin”?


Series - Weird Work Venues

  1. Westminster Backside
  2. …this week’s Monument
  3. Yet another corny venue…
  4. Another week, another Venue…
  5. How about this for an ancient work venue?
  6. Helen the Penguin
  7. Just one more venue…
  8. Póg Mo Thóin

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