Vegas – The Start

The benign juxtaposition of the outrageously obsecene and the refreshingly non-PCness of the Vegas scene immediately appealed.

Just look at these non-PC signs. Wonderful, aren’t they?

The upside of staying downside downtown was that we were paying next to nothing for our motel accommodation. Yet not too far from the scene…

But it was the climbing we were here for…wasn’t it?

So Terry and Everett (from Canmore) met up in Vegas for Red Rocks…..

5 thoughts on “Vegas – The Start”

  1. Well Terry, you don’t use too many words but at least even the ones you do I don’t understand! 😳 Is it my English or yours ❓ 😉
    Did you do any gambling? Are you rich or poor now?
    But most of all, I can’t wait to see your climbing shots ❗

  2. Well, I didn’t see any pavement carpeting but certainly all the casinos are carpeted wall to wall. When you consider that the shopping mall in Caesar’s Palace alone is probably bigger than the whole Liverpool 1 development then that’s an awful lot of carpet ❗ Then there are all the other casinos as well. So I would say that a good proportion of the surface area of ‘the strip’ at least is carpet-covered. The remaining area is covered by Elvises, Mickey Mouses and other look-a-likes 😀

    One thing for sure – I’ll be back :love:

  3. Some of the pavements were carpeted when we went a few years ago. Completely mad, but they don’t get much rain out there.

    btw – someone did die of a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill a couple of months ago, and today another woman has collapsed after/during eating the Double Bypass Burger. I’m not joking. It’s on the web, so it must be true. 😯 😯

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